Giveaway Time: NiceFind by Indianna Harris Custom Jewelry (CLOSED)

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to make it down to the NiceFind store opening down in Melville *Johannesburg.

Exquisite "Upsycled" one-of-a-kind pieces

The host, and owner Indianna Harris gifted us with some amazing (one-a-kind) pieces, upon hearing what the next issue’s theme is going to be (This one is going to be bigger than all the “weeklies”, that have until recently ceased to go into production – apologies). At the risk of using too much parenthesis, let’s tell you a little more about these two gorgeous pieces shall we?

Both are hand-made, Indianna gets amazing vintage pieces, and adds a moderne flair to them, whilst subsequently creating once-off items of jewelry that make the wearer feel not just retro, but somehow; even for a nano-second like a kid again – probably all part, and parcel of that sweet process she lovingly dubbs upcycling.

The store hearkened back to time that has probably never existed, an eclectic mixture of vintage, retro and everything in-between, all being tied in together with an effortless proverbial satin bow.
It felt so much like “that place” that we had all been to, even though it was obviously our first time.

Let me just get down to the rules of this give-away, lest I carry on, thereby removing the need for you to read our much more full length piece in the next issue.

I have to admit that shooting these two was so tricky as they were so delicate, and diaphanous. The glitter bow brooch picking up on even the smallest spec of light, and reflecting it within its casing. Yes it was so much fun to shoot, and I played around with angles, and sets. (Some more successful than others, see:image below)

brick wall - so edgy, but those darn books!

because it's perfectly natural for shoes, sunnies, and accessories to be sitting on a stack of books, or a chair, in-front of a satchel

The giveaway winner is surely going to have even more fun wearing these items than I did shooting them, and that was already quiet exuberant!

Rules of the Give-Away

  1. Like Exchange GP on Facebook
  2. Like NiceFind on Facebook
  3. Blog about this Give-Away
  4. Leave your post link, and contact details in the comments section below

Merci beaucoup for the participation, and I’m really looking forward sharing this wonder with you all.


Contest Winner is Chatnoirco from Retro Revivalist Blog (tumblr.) Congrats! :-D
*Contest is open to South African readers only.
Sorry to all our Global readers (especially U.S, and U.K), we’ll connect with you all soon!

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