Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Johannesburg Fashion Week will be upon us in no time, and although some of my favorite items of clothing, that we’ve ordered for archiving thus far may not have arrived, the show must go on… We’ve always been asked, “What do you wear to fashion week?” and the answer is always the same: Something comfortable, yet tasteful. Something elegant, but absolutely not formal. Something casual, but you would not mind being photographed in…
We even have safe bets: Jeans with opulent jewellry, jacket/coat, and shoes…
Sneakers with expensive dress, (as Susie Lau of Susie Bubble fame usually does), or simply; Chino pants with neon, or edgy colourful blazer…

The choice in outfit will also depend on when, and where the event will be taking place through-out the week. Nothing is more treacherous then wearing stilettos, and trying to walk down cobble… Try it, and see *weep.

With that said, here is what was trending on the Final Day of Milan Fashion Week:

Ankle socks worn with Sandals
This is not a new trend per sé, however it has probably never been worn in such high volumes… Like it was on the Final Day.

Almond Shaped Sunglasses

Tamu McPhearson, blogger, editor, Grazia.It

Viviana Volpicella, assistant fashion editor, Vogue Nippon

Bold Outerwear

Elisa Nalin, stylist

Susie Bubble, blogger

Girly Dresses

Natalie Joos, casting director

Denni Elias, fashion blogger

 Bold Colored Pumps

Elisa Nalin, stylist

Oxana Ong, Glamour Russia

Warm Colored Outerwear

Lucy Delpasqua, fashion journalist

Elisa Nalin, Vivianne Volpicella, and Tamu McPherson, stylists and blogger

There are many many more trends… Like big soft fur coats, accented with neons and pastel colours… Ala Shu pei

Shu Pei, model

With all this to take inspiration from… There really is no reason to feel like one has nothing to wear. And if that be the case, all the more reason to go to Fashion Week, no?

images via. Victoria Adamson

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